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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team-BHP Harassment

Team-BHP: Harassment for New Joinees!

Team-BHP has come up with a new policy that all new registrations will have to be "approved" by them, and only after that will their membership be confirmed. And till then, the new joinees pretty much cannot do anything on the site, be it posting queries or responding to posts.

To help Team-BHP in deciding if you are "worthy" of being a member, all new registrants are required to answer a question "Why do you wish to join Team-BHP?" as part of the registration process. You are expected to provide detailed reasoning as to why you wish to join the site, what is your level of interest in automobiles, etc. And there is a warning not take this lightly, since based on the reasons you provide, they will decide whether you are really member material or not!

I am actually rejected 3 times. They asked the same question to me 3 times. I answered the same which is genuine. I said, "i learned everything from this prestigious website and i now became an automobile i think i can help my fellow team BHPians with much more details". I don't want to praise them for getting registered coz they are nuts in front of me now.they didn't even let me know that i am rejected or confirmed.

Now, let's put aside for a moment the fact that in a competitive environment, one cannot afford to be this arrogant. Even so, we would still expect that they be prompt in confirming or rejecting registrations, and that they let us know about it. It's only basic courtesy! However, it's been a few months now since I registered on the site and till date I have no notification as to whether my membership is confirmed or rejected!

I'm sure ultimately Team-BHP will realise the folly of its policy. Because if they want to continue to have quality members who have valuable information to contribute, they will have to give up their snootiness and arrogance and relook at this sarkari type of policy of keeping new members on hold and harassing them in this way.

Besides, I somehow don't agree with the argument that this move is necessary to ensure quality of posts. Well, for one, that's exactly what moderators are for. They can delete, move or merge posts which they feel are contravening guidelines. That apart, I'd like Team-BHP to remember the shining example before us, that is Wikipedia. The main differentiating factor between Wikipedia and other such sites (and indeed, the reason for its unprecedented success) was that it is truly a democratic website. Anyone can add or edit any page there, provided the changes are backed by legitimate references. And the senior contributors ensure the upkeep of quality. Surely, if Wikipedia can do it, Team-BHP being much smaller in comparison can certainly emulate it.

As for me, well, I'm not interested anymore! It is a competitive online world, as I said. There are numerous sites and forums where I can participate and get and share knowledge on automobiles, Mouthshut being one of them.

Hope Team-BHP gets its act in order soon, for its own good!

Oh, and one more thing! I request Team-BHP to at least delete the accounts of those people whom it doesn't approve for membership, or at least allow them to re-apply from the same user ID. I think it's grossly unethical to retain people's user IDs even after rejecting them. I think someone could actually take them to court over this!

topic helped by a fellow blogger, Vijay padiyar.


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