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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ducati Hyperstrada - First Love

Rightly named Hyperstrada ! It's real hyper in character. This is my short and subtle review along with the riding experience and impression of a rare Ducati.
Hmm, It looks weird, but appealing, it looks subtle in some part, but right amount of aggression altogether. It has top spec parts, but no silly graphics. Now comes the single sided swing arm, functionally designed bits and parts etc etc. I will simply keep on bragging about it. It gets all the eyes on road both wrong & right ones ! But hey, RED DUCATI ! Switching the engine on sounds similar to any other v-twin. But hey, if u want a clearer description, i will say it's more like a roar than a purr ! Nothing special like an in-line 4 for some, but this is more of a wild aggression. Now the engine is near to a liter, 939cc to be precise. 110 BHP & 98NM of torque, hmm sounds average only untill u hear that its all peaking at 9000 rpm & 7500 rpm respectively. What impress more is 80% torque is produced way down and it will take you by surprise. It will pull like a locomotive, need to be very careful with the throttle. 3 rider modes are there (Sports, touring & urban). Sports mode comes with super sharp throttle response and i was more than happy with touring mode. It lacks engine braking and its so free revving at higher rev ranges. Now comes the brakes. It comes up with nothing short of the best bit, Brembo M4 monoblock. ABS is standard. KYB and Sachs does the suspension duties pretty well. Light weight at around 180 kgs. Now if you ask me to say some cons, i will point at its seating position. It's real tiring. Getting the sweet spot is very difficult and it aches all the other time. But it's a real life time experience in it, a motorcycle from a company known for engineering prowess and design language.
Come, hop down to #wickedride for this surreal experience and rest assured, you will leave it back to us with a wide wild grin on face !

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