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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Signature Acoustics C-12 Ver 2

Hi Audiophiles, I haven't seen anybody mentioning the Made in India Signature Acoustics C-12 Version 1 or 2. Is it because people feel it as substandard and made in India ? I so wished to write a review and here it goes.

Intro: I had lot of time trying out different budget level headsets 5 years back and somehow i came to know about this Indian company Signature acoustics and its maiden product C-12. The initial reviews were very good and made me try it out. Brought it for Rs 3000/- back then and was so happy for the next 2 years till the hard wires started splicing. Fast forward to 2017, i accidentally stumbled upon the same company selling out C-12 version 2 and that too for Rs 999/- introductory offer. Didn't even think twice, brought it, burned-in for 2 full days.

Model: Elements C-12 Version2.0
Impedance: 22Ω±15%
Sensitivity: 94±3dB &1KHz; 1mW; IEC318
Frequency response: 20~20KHz
Distortion: Max: 3% & 1KHz
Rated Input Power: 3mW
Maximum Input Power: 5mW
Level difference average: ≤3dB & 1KHz

Directivity Omni-directional
Impedance: Max: 2.2KΩ
Sensitivity: -42±4dB & 1KHz; 2.2KΩ 3V ,0dB=1V/Pa
Decreasing voltage: -3dB &VS=4.5V,RL=2.2KΩ
Current consumption: 200uA-350uA
S/N ratio Min: 58dB & 1kHz

Source: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (exynos) Hi-Res unlocked. Poweramp Alpha built - 704 (best out there)
File Source: ALAC, FLAC & 320Kbps Mp3's (all from trusted single source)

Sound Quality: Its not a V-shaped sound signature neither flat. I will say L-shaped (like the output of an old monster Nokia N91). It has got a nice good fit and it's light weight. The supplied silicon tips are really good and they are supplying a memory foam tip as gratitude which though degrade the sound a little but extremely comfortable.

Bass: Oh boy, these are Bass heavy headphones, it goes deep into the sub bass extension with elan. Its not overpowering either with very less leaking into lower mids. Since it is made out of wood, the overall sound signature is different from metal and plastic ones out there. Its very welcoming and natural.

Mids: It is quite natural and flat with no unnecessary spikes. It's not sublime or detailed as some of the higher end headsets out there. The resolution is good and instruments like guitar sounds good. It's nothing great here, but not bad either. Have used so many headset in this price range which fared much worse.

Highs: Now the biggest drawback or biggest gain for us the customers. The treble range tends to roll of around 8k to 12k region. A lot after 12k range and i don't think anything is there after 16k. The good part of this gentle rolling off is we can use it hours on end without feeling fatigue. No sibilance, harshness or unwanted spikes. Sleep will find us automatically and i use it to get nice good fast sleep. Bad part is, for critical listening & demanding people who wants brilliance & lot of details will find it boring.

Stage & Imaging: The mid range has nice good depth and instrument separation is really good. Can clearly hear 2 different instrument on 2 different sides as kept on a stage. Its smooth also. Since highs lack brilliance, separation and imaging is not perfect, but nothing to complain either.

Modification: Since the S7 DAC is super flat, we can play around the Equalizer a little bit. 31Hz = +3db, 62Hz = +1.5db 1Khz to 2Khz (where most THD happens) = -1 to -1.5db, 8Khz = +2db, 16KHZ = +4db (for compensating the roll off)

Conclusion: For the introductory price of Rs 999/- nothing comes close and i even say it's better than soundmagic E10 & ES18 overall (highly overrated these are IMHO). Sennheiser CX series also not a match overall. I will try Byron soon and get a conclusion. But this is a perfect headset (tuned for prolonged hours of listening) for an average listener.

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